Day 223-Maputo to the Kingdom of Swaziland

Maputo-Manzini-Mbabane-Middle of Nowhere

You always hear chatter about how difficult transportation can be in Southern Africa. To be honest, I have found it to be quite reliable. You sometimes end up driving around or waiting a bit until the chapa fills up, but what’s the rush?

We were a little bit worried today since we did not exactly have an address to where we were staying in Swazi. All we knew was that we were to get dropped off at a dirt road and walk up to the top of a mountain. If you have ever been to Swaziland, dirt roads and mountain tops are everywhere. We weren’t sure whether we were able to take a local bus or had to hitchhike, but we were up for the challenge.

Right after the sun rose, we caught a taxi right outside Fatima’s to the bus station. From there, we found the local bus leaving from Maputo to Manzini. It took a while to fill up, so we spent our extra time shopping for cashews and snacks in the bus station. The cashews in Mozambique are divine! The Mozambican-Swazi border was quite straight forward and not long after, we were in Manzini. From the Manzini bus station, we caught another local bus to Mbabane. After picking up some groceries from the local vendors, we made our way to this remote place up in the hills. We hopped on a local bus heading towards Piggs Peak. About 25 minutes into the ride, we asked our driver to drop us off at what we predicted to be the dirt road we were looking for. The driver was very hesitant as he couldn’t understand why we were getting dropped off in the middle of nowhere, but after some convincing that we were going to be okay, he complied. It’s nice to see the locals here looking out for us!

This is where our adventure began! After heading up the road, following what seemed to be tire tracks, and getting lost only once, we found our destination, and was it ever rewarding! Perched up on top of a mountain overlooking more mountains was the kingdom we were looking for!

“Difficult roads often load to beautiful destinations”


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