Day 222-Tofo to Maputo from Fatima’s Backpackers

Tofo Beach-Maputo

Getting from Tofo to Maputo is super simple, especially if you decide to take the direct bus. This can be arranged at Fatima’s Backpackers in Tofo and it will take you all the way to Fatima’s in Maputo. Even if you aren’t staying there, you can just book the bus ticket from Fatima’s and they will pick you up along the main road. We walked down from Turtle Cove at about 5:50am and the bus came right at 6am. Make sure you are comfy on the bus as they only made one stop on the 4 hour journey to Maputo!

Once we got to Fatima’s Backpackers, we decided to stay there for a night before heading out to Swaziland in the morning. There was a pretty cool vibe there and a self-catering kitchen to make your own meals. It’s located near a few banks and a small grocery store, which is really all you need for an overnight stay!


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