Day 221-Beaches & Dreadlocks in Tofo

Tofo Beach

Another beach day! This is very exciting for us since we have been travelling around Southern Africa during winter. Spending any time in warm weather was exciting at this point. After some time of relaxation, I made my way over to the hair salon to get a dreadlock. I love dreads! I have not been brave enough to get my entire head done, but one has sufficed in the past. So off I went to get one dreadlock. Imagine walking into a hair salon in Africa as a Chinese-Canadian with pin straight hair, asking for ONE dreadlock. It was quite entertaining. Long story short, the guys at the salon tried to do it but could not manage with my hair type, so they had to call in a friend from another town who ended up properly crocheting my deadlock. It was quite entertaining, for everyone else and myself.

If you ever want dreads in Tofo, ask for James and he will call up his mate. Super rad guys!


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