Day 220-First Day in Tofo

Tofo Beach

After spending too many consecutive days on the road, it felt great to wake up and not have to get on another bus. Since our body clocks did not allow us to sleep in, we figured we would walk into town from Turtle Cove Lodge, which is about 10 minutes down the road. Apparently we were too early because restaurants weren’t even open and vendors were no where to be seen. Little did we know this would be the only time we are in town without getting hassled. Apart from people selling the same looking bracelets, there really wasn’t anyone else on the beach. It is apparently low season in Tofo. After a full day of relaxation and hanging around, we stumbled upon this tiny hidden restaurant near the fruit market. Tucked away behind the street was a little kitchen, a couple picnic tables, and delicious seafood! Not many tourists knew about it and it seemed to attract locals. You can even buy fish from the fishermen and have it cooked here! Great dining spot!


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