Day 217-The Long Journey from Zimbabwe to Mozambique

Victoria Falls-Bulawayo-Mature-Chimoio

If you are ever making the trek from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, to the coast of Mozambique, be sure to split the trip up. We tried to do it in a day and was it ever long!

The bus leaves at 11pm. We boarded the bus at 10:30pm last night and arrived in Bulawayo at 4am early this morning. The one-way ticket costs $13 on a coach bus. Be sure to head to the bus station to buy your Vic Falls-Bulawayo ahead of time or you will probably end up standing in the aisle! It happens and people were not happy.
Once we arrived in Bulawayo, we were supposed to board another bus to Mutare at 5am but missed it due to confusion. It’s best to ask the driver which bus to board, not a local. Luckily, the driver put us in a taxi, which took us to another bus station in Bulawayo and that is where we boarded our bus to Mature. The bus left at around 7:30am and arrived in Mature at 5:30am. It costed $15 and was a long ride with many stops.

From Mature, catch a taxi to the Mature-Machipacha border for $10. Make sure you have your visa ready. We sorted out our tourists visas in Cape Town. Once you go through immigration on the Mozambican side, continue walking until you see a bunch of kombis (local bus) on your left. We paid 80 mets to take us into town and dropped off at a hotel. It is now 8:30pm and we’ve decided to call it a night before we hit the road again early morning to Vilanculos! 


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