Day 216-Hanging out in Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Last night we ended up playing pool at Shoestring Backpackers with a handful of locals. A few games later, friendships developed and we chilled all night, learning about life in Zimbabwe.
Since our overnight bus from Vic Falls to Bulawayo didn’t leave until 11pm, we had the entire day to hang out with our new friends.
We spent time at Elephant Walk, an art village, with our friend who is a scream show artist, someone who draws intricate designs on animal bones. Before leaving Elephant Walk, we ended up making new friends and learning how to play the Marimba! Few hours later, we find ourselves enjoying a beverage at Lookout Cafe, which overlooks the beautiful gorge. The last part of our day was spent hanging out at the gorge swing with another local friend, watching tourists scream for their lives. It was highly entertaining I must say. 

It’s amazing how friendships can develop over such a short amount of time. These guys are the kindest, most down to earth people. They even picked us up and took us to the bus station to sort out our bus tickets beforehand so we wouldn’t have to stand on a crowded bus (this is common in Zimbabwe). 
When it was time to say goodbye, a driver was organized for us. They even escorted us all the way onto the bus to make sure we were okay. That is true hospitality!
It was so nice of our new friends to come by Shoestrings to hang out before we left. One of the hardest parts of travelling is saying goodbye. Friendships develop fast and goodbyes are always bittersweet. 

When you leave a place with a full heart, big smiles, and laughter all around, you know you’ll be back.


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