Day 214-Livingstone Backpackers


Getting from Kasane, Botswana to Livingstone, Zambia is quite easy. We got a taxi to take us all the way to the border in Kasane for 60 pula. After going through departures, we boarded a little jetty to take us across the Zambezi River and over to Zambia. On the 10 min jetty ride, we were approached by these guys who claimed to be taxi drivers. They seemed legit, so we bargained them down to 100 pula. Once we arrived on the other side, there were crowds of taxi drivers and money exchangers, so be aware and cautious. 

From that point on, life was great. We made it to Livingstone Backpackers, one of the nicest hostels we’ve stayed in so far. The atmosphere was great with lounge areas everywhere, a fully equipped kitchen, a pool, bar, and a climbing wall! We ended up meeting these British guys who were venturing overland in their 4×4 with a half broken door and many stories to share. We took this opportunity to chill out, hang out by the pool with a couple of beers, and exchange crazy travel stories with our new buddies.


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