Day 209-Spitzkoppe Guide & Windhoek Backpackers


There are no words to describe the beauty of Spitzkoppe. We spent the morning hiking, climbing, and exploring before hiring a local guide to take us to the Bushman paintings and tell us more about the park. The boulders that you see here are actually 700 million year old volanic rocks. The crevasses and formations are caused mostly by wind erosion. Our guide, Eddy, took us to see the primitive paintings on the rocks that are 27,000 years old and done by the Bushman tribe that used to live there. The wildlife here is also worth noting. We saw zebras, springbok, and tons of birds. 

We left Spitzkoppe after the tour and made our way back to Chameleon Backpackers in Windhoek. I’ve stayed in many hostels and this one is highly recommendable. The people there are so friendly and hospitable! They were extremely accommodating when we changed our plans and even organized our bus ride to Botswana without us having to do anything! I would definitely stay here again!


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