Day 206-Life as a Backpacker. Bring it on Africa!

Cape Town

I was once told that us backpackers are a different breed.

We live off bare essentials, carrying only what we need. We can go days without proper plumbing. Anything that is relatively flat is considered a bed. We believe that local transportation or hitchhiking is the best way to see a country.

We watch out for each other. Even as strangers, we would never leave one another stranded. Regardless of where you or your passport is from, there’s a sense of community, mutual understanding, and support because we’ve all been through it at some point.

We are thirsty for adventure and live to tell stories. No luxury resort or million dollar vacation can replace the shit we’ve seen, the questionable places we’ve stayed, the random strangers that have had our backs, and the close calls we’ve encountered.

It’s been a solid 3 months of comfort in Cape Town, but does it ever feel good to be back on the road! No words can describe that feeling of being alive, away from all known comfort, travelling the unknown, getting lost in new places without any clue where you will end up tomorrow.

Goodbye for now Cape Town. Bring it on Africa!

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” -Neale Donald Walsch


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