Day 200-Applying for a Mozambique Tourist Visa in Cape Town

Cape Town

For anyone that is heading to Mozambique from South Africa and requires a tourist visa, it’s quite an easy procedure to do it Cape Town. It was also much cheaper for us Canadians to apply for our visa here rather than in Canada. With our passports, passport photos, application, and itinerary in hand, we headed to the Mozambican Consulate in town. After handing in our application, they gave us a deposit slip and we had to go to the bank to deposit the visa fee. However, they don’t accept credit cards so make sure you have enough cash for the transaction.

Keep it mind, the consulate is only open for application drop-off before noon, where as the pick-up time is between 2 pm-4 pm. It was a quick and hassle free procedure that only took 24 hours. We dropped it off today and it will be ready for pick it up tomorrow! After a few months of winter here in Cape Town, we are stoked to be heading to Mozambique for some sunshine and beach time!

“Exploration is the essence of the human spirit” -Frank Borman


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