Day 193-PechaKucha Vol.34

Cape Town

There is something amazing about PechaKucha. It never seems to fall short of inspiration. The room is always jam packed with Capetonians, ready to be inspired. That is something to celebrate!

As an avid traveler, it’s easy to meet others who share a passion of travel. Some are travelling for the thrill, others as an escape or just to enjoy life. Once in a while, you meet these wild individuals who are doing such cool things and have a story to tell. That is what happened at PechaKucha tonight. A group of young guys with an online platform called the Danger Diaries, using a unique “living list” rather than bucket list to make a difference in the world and impact on people’s lives while having fun. Then we have Roxanne Boyes, a young traveler hoping to inspire others to live, showing them how easy it can be. Iain Manley spent 10 years traveling, most overland, and taps into the depth of storytelling. Those are just a few of the 9 amazing speakers we were lucky to encounter tonight.

The stories that you hear about people doing crazy things abroad, those don’t have to be just stories or a far-fetched dream. Put some thought and action into it, you’d be surprised at what can actually happen!

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” -Joel A. Barker


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