Day 187-In Celebration of Canada Day

Cape Town

If it’s one thing I’ve learned since being in South Africa  it’s to appreciate Canada, more specifically Vancouver. There are so many resemblances between Cape Town and Vancouver, more than you would imagine. The mountains, ocean, outdoor activities, people, vineyards, art scene, and everything else I love about Cape Town makes me realize the similarities between the two. Both are medium size cities and seem to cater to a certain type of lifestyle and people. It’s an interesting comparison. Nonetheless, being here has surprisingly opened my eyes and made me less jaded when it comes to seeing the beauty of Canada. On the contrary, learning about the politics and history here has made me appreciate Canada in a different way. It may seem boring from time to time, but there is a reason Vancouver is nominated the best city to live in time and time again. Happy Canada Day!

“A wise traveler never despises his own country” -William Hazlitt


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