Day 163-Climb Your Mountain

Cape Town

[View from Table Mountain | Photo Credit: Gareth Wheeler]

Nothing makes me feel more alive and free than being on top of a mountain.

The early morning start with a steep hike up Table Mountain is well worth it when rewarded with this gorgeous panoramic view of Cape Town! With the fresh mountain air and sun beaming on our faces, we enjoyed a casual picnic on the summit and explored the boulders around Tranquility Cracks before making it back down to the city with the rest of the afternoon ahead of us. There really is no better way to spend a Sunday!

Growing up in a city surrounded by mountains, forests and the ocean, I started hiking at a very young age. My family encouraged me to appreciate nature. I felt like it was a chore. Nowadays, I don’t see it being any other way. Hiking up a mountain, strolling along the coast, or going for a walk in the forest is a normal occurrence. After work, during work, on the weekends, it happens as often as dining out. For some more than others, but for most of us it’s a norm. Living in this environment, surrounded by everyday people who embrace this lifestyle, I took it for granted. It’s not a big occasion that happens once a month, we just do it. Being on the road has made it difficult to engage in these activities, but does it ever feel good when it happens! Spending time in nature helps us connect with ourselves and the rest of the world. The people you share these experiences with are those who understand this way of being. It’s a lifestyle, not a fitness fad. Find what makes you come alive and do just that!

“Climb mountains so you can see the world, not so the world can see you” -David McCullough Jr


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