Day 134-Organik Love Project

Cape Town

[Organik Love Project Music Festival]

In celebration of my good friend and room mates birthday, we headed out to a weekend long music festival. Regardless of age, we still love ourselves a good outdoor party. Evidently, I’m not the only one who agrees. Organik Love Project hosted a trance festival this weekend on a large grassy field just 100 km outside of Cape Town. The age of attendees varied from 18 to around 60. What are these old timers doing partying and camping at a music festival in the middle of nowhere? They are dancing, enjoying the music, and living life to the fullest! To be honest, the oldest gentleman there was the one with the best dance moves! To observe an older generation who have lived a full life and are still going, was quite impressive and inspiring. This was the second weekend in a row where I am noticing the age range is a lot higher than expected, especially coming from North America. It’s all about life balance!

Apart from that, it was a blast! Everything from the dj’s to the stage decor was absolutely amazing! There was a specific camping area where we set-up our tent. We may still enjoy partying, but for a festival that goes from 4 pm until 4 pm the next day, we no longer have the partying endurance of a student. There were food vendors there to keep us energized, bonfires to keep us warm, and a dance floor to keep the stomping going. Not to mention poi, staff, hula hoops and a slackline! It’s the party that never ends!


“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music” -Friedrich Nietzsche


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