Day 132-Markets, Markets, & More Markets

Cape Town

[Kamers Market]

When it comes to creativity, Cape Town is a clear winner. Hands down!

The artistic vibe is what drew me in, but it’s become very apparent that the city really does supports creative entrepreneurs. Apart from that, there is always something artsy going on, whether it’s at a market or a gallery.

Let’s cut to the chase -the markets here are incredible! There always seems to be at least one going on in a day, and can range from handicrafts to  vintage clothing, to food or wine and craft beer. Most of the time, all that was mentioned is available! Today, I was lucky enough to visit two!

The Earth Fair Market happens every Thursday at St George’s during the day. This is a great place to pick up fresh produce or nibble on all the amazing food lined up in the square.

The second market of the day was a pop-up market called Kamers. Located in the gorgeous building of City Hall, this annual market is quite the production. With artists and vendors ranging from clothing to cake toppers to handmade leather shoes, Kamers Market is where you find top quality items!

This is the perect place to shop for gifts, decor for your apartment, or knick knacks for your wedding. You can even find these crazy eccentric light bulbs for a modern rustic look! Even the displays here are very well done!

I can’t think of a better way to spend my day thank to be surrounded by so many inspiring artists, which then sparks my own creativity!

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” -Albert Einstein


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