Day 126-Life in a day at Afrikaburn

Tankwa Karoo

What better way to describe mutant vehicles, art installations, theme camps, and burning structures than with a visual display of photographs?! It is amazing what can happen when a community of creative individuals come together to create the culture and atmosphere of an event such as Afrikaburn!

 Got our wristbands on & we are ready to go!  

Our first gift! An Afrikaburn designed flash tattoo!

Went back to our campsite only to find another flat tire, so we rolled it to Grease Monkey’s, a theme camp set-up to help those with mechanical needs!

Grease Monkey’s gifted us a tool kit and taught us how to fix the puncture in our tire. The most practical gift you could receive! PS: rolling a tire is more difficult than it looks. Luckily, a mutant vehicle “The Honey Bunch” gave us a lift and a lovely gentleman gifted us his strength and carried it back to camp for us!

Tire fixed, tutu’s on, and an obligatory photo at our neighbors tent

 The party is just getting started at the disco music truck!

Creating words at one of the art installations

One Love. One Life.

  Just your average mutant vehicle cruising through the desert

How often do you get to party on a metal pirate ship on wheels?

Met the love of your life at Afrikaburn? Get hitched for 7 days at this theme camp!

So much love and appreciation for the communal effort of all participants who spent months preparing their art installations, costumes, theme camps, and mutant vehicles

Another interactive art installation! Time to walk the labyrinth.

  The life of the party! Someone actually dragged R2-D2 across the desert to join a party later that night!

Enjoying the sunset while reflecting on our day

These tall wooden structures were left behind from last year because the wind prevented them from burning at the end. An added bonus for Afrikaburn 2015!

    Ready for our first burning experience!

Thousands start to gather around for the first burn of the evening

The colors are of the sky and fire are just mesmerizing!

The main burn of the evening. This used to be a MASSIVE dome/temple where you could walk in and out of!

Many of the theme camps and mutant vehicles turn into parties at night! This was the best place to go party hopping!

Unfortunately, these photos don’t exactly encapsulate what we actually experienced as we were too busy enjoying ourselves to take more photos of costumes, decked out mutant vehicles, and crazy theme camps! Plus, a photo can only capture so much. Afrikaburn is definitely an event worth experiencing at some point in life, regardless of age!

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” -Albert Einstein


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