Day 125-En Route to Afrikaburn

Cape Town to Tankwa Karoo

Rise and shine! It’s time to for our first burn!

The drive from Cape Town to Tankwa Town in the Karoo Desert is the most diverse and scenic route. The terrain changes from palm trees to mountains until you hit dry desert land. 

A sign that says “Slow Down. Enjoy the view” pretty much indicates that you have reached the desert. After driving another 2 hours on a gravel road, we realized that sign was more of a warning than anything. Trucks and SUV were whizzing passed us, leaving us in a cloud of dust. This takes the saying “eat my dust” to another level since we really could not see the road ahead. After another hour or so, we reached a pit stop with a cafe, bar, toilets, and most importantly a little tire shop! The roads here are notoriously known to shred tires, as we soon found out!

After the pit stop, there really is nothing until you reach Tankwa Karoo, as indicated by another sign “Absolutely nothing from here.” They weren’t kidding! Not long after, we got our first flat. Luckily, another little Volkswagen had the same problem. They were nice enough to stop and help us out.

6 hours later, we finally reached the entrance to Afrikaburn! We received our wristbands, a WTF survival guides, and a map before driving through the last kilometer to the camp grounds, only stopping to ring the Afrikaburn virgin bell!

Looking for a spot to camp was quite simple. You can choose between quiet zones, quiet-ish zones, and loud zones. We also learned that the term “ish” is used quite frequently. The grounds are basically divided by Binnekring (inner ring) where most of the theme camps and art installations are located. Majority of the camping spots are around Buitekring (outer ring). Then you have your roads that run through the grounds like a clock, from 2-ish all the way to 10-ish, with streets like Donate, Happy, Ingenuity, and many others running perpendicular. Sounds complicated but it was way easier to navigate than what I’m used to!


With a little help from our friendly neighbors, a few new tent pegs, and a borrowed mallet, we quickly got our tent up. The sense of help and community here is amazing. This is what life should be all about. Selfless giving, helping others, and creating a sense of community. Can’t wait to get our boots on and start exploring!

Afrikaburn 2015 here we go! 

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” -Henry Ford


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