Day 124-Preparing for Afrikaburn

Cape Town

[The Gift: Coconut Bliss Balls]

Every day has been a new adventure, a different story. Today is our last chance to prepare everything we need for Afrikaburn, South Africa’s regional Burning Man held in the Tankwa Karoo Desert.

We will be spending a few days in the desert with nothing except what we bring, with a community of participants who come together to create this event. There won’t be any vendors. Just art, creativity, freedom of expression, everyone in costumes, theme camps, and a handful of nudists. The theme for Afrikaburn 2015 is “The Gift”. We will be in a decommodified environment where no money can be exchanged for goods. In a gift economy, all gifts are given without expecting anything in return.

There is a lot to think about! Not only do we have to stock up on non-perishable foods (we didn’t want to invest in a propane stove), we also have to prepare our costumes and purchase outdoor camping gear in case of a sandstorm or windstorm. The days are hot and nights are very cold in the desert. At least we weren’t the only ones preparing for Afrikaburn last minute. Every outdoor shop and hardware store we went to were familiar with the specific supplies that were recommended!

Our last task of the day was to prepare our gift of vegan coconut bliss balls, made of nuts and dried fruit for a burst of energy in the desert heat! Fingers crossed we have everything we need!

“Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” – Gloria Steinem


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