Day 123-Load Shedding in South Africa

Cape Town

A unexpected day of load shedding. 

What is load shedding? I asked the same thing before I got here. With a shortage of supply in electricity in South Africa, blackouts take place on a rotating schedule.

After spending some time on remote islands in Asia without electricity, load shedding was not as shocking for me as it would be for those coming straight from developed countries. Rather than tell you when we were without electricity, let’s just say we only had it for a couple hours in the late afternoon and early evening before it went out again while we were preparing dinner.

You actually get used to it! It’s easy to work around load shedding as long as it stays on schedule. Otherwise, you may be stuck making dinner without a stove and with a headlamp as your only source of light! There is actually an app for load shedding! 

“Keep calm and take life as it comes”


One thought on “Day 123-Load Shedding in South Africa

  1. Quite a foreign concept if your not from here, but even locals, who are very use to it by now, get aggravated and upset. I have had a few amazing candle lit dinners though.


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