Day 116-Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa-Colombo-Abu Dhabi

[Peace, love, & friendship]

Sometimes being on the road makes you feel like you are traveling through time or in a twilight zone. Where you wake up is far from where you fall asleep, and everything in between feels like a fast motion time warp. This morning, we woke up in paradise!

After indulging in a delicious breakfast at our hotel, we went for a stroll on the beach. The tide was so low that we were able to walk out to where the waves would break! This was the first time in ages where I’ve actually been able to enjoy the ocean since my injuries. The perfect ending to an amazing trip in Sri Lanka.

 Unfortunately, some good things come to an end (for now) and I had to catch my flight to Abu Dhabi. With intentions to take a taxi, I asked about the bus last minute and figured why not take the 187 bus back to the airport, the same way I came. Rookie mistake. It was raining and traffic in Colombo is what you would imagine. We were in gridlock. Let’s just say I ended up paying the bus driver to not pick up passengers and drive like a maniac in order to get me to the airport on time. By on time, I mean I was the last one on the plane. Imagine what people must of thought when they saw an old local bus pull up to departures! Sometimes we just never learn from our own mistakes. At least it makes for a great story! It’s the journey that counts, really. In my frantic hurry to the airport, 4 different guys tried to help me. Sri Lankan’s are nice, until they ask for your number, Facebook, or give you their business card. Well, at least it ended with a bang, but the day still isn’t over yet!


When I finally arrived in Abu Dhabi, I was so happy to see a familiar face! A friend who is teaching there at the moment offered me a room in her villa and came to pick me up. This totally beats sleeping at airport! Not only do I feel blessed to be surrounded by amazing people all the time, but also extremely grateful to have wonderful friends around the world who welcome me with open arms! Some things in life are just priceless.

 “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending” -Maria Robinson


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