Day 112-Sri Lanka

Polhena Beach

[Tropi Turtle at Polhena]

Sri Lanka is just full of beautiful gems, and each beach unique in it’s own way! Polhena is a very small beach between Mirissa and Matara. It’s made up of a few back streets, a beach filled with locals, and a couple of private beaches. This place takes chilling out to another level!

Tropi Turtle, the cheapest accommodation around, was run by two dutch guys and then passed along to an awesome Irish couple, who are now working on fixing up the place. The rooms are very basic, but the atmosphere here is great! Breakfast is included and lunch can be prepared by a local worker for an extra 200 LKR. Last night, all restaurants in the area were closed so Kingga and Henrick, the Irish couple, went out and brought back dinner for everyone! There are only 4 dorm beds and 4 private rooms, making it an intimate setting and great place to meet other backpackers. Plus, 20 meters from the property is a hangout spot where you can see turtles poking their heads out from the water, if you are lucky!

Great company, chilled atmosphere, awesome vibe, beautiful scenery..doesn’t get much better than this!

“Good Vibes. Everyday, all day!”


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