Day 111-Sri Lanka


[View of Mirissa Beach]

When I say I like to live life on the edge, the ride from Unawatuna to Mirissa was enough to prove it! The local bus costs 55 LKR and if you don’t grab a seat, then hang on tight! There weren’t any seats available so I stood right at the front next to the driver, who happened to be driving barefoot and like a maniac! We dodged cars, cyclists, pedestrians, and passed other buses along the windy road. Don’t get me wrong, I love speeding and dodging moving vehicles (hence my motorbike accident), but it’s the constant jerking that threw me for a whirl, literally! You can only hold on for so long before it gets physically tiring, similar to the sensation of tubing on the back of a speedboat. Whiplash to the max! The only thing that prevented me from flying through the windshield or out the door was the tiny metal bar against my thigh, and even then we had a few close calls. I looked over to see how fast we were driving but the speedometer was broken. Why am I not surprised?!

Overall, it was a thrilling experience and a very scenic drive! We passed many beautiful beaches along the way, including Wiligama. Sri Lanka is known for some awesome surf spots and Mirissa seems to be one of them! It’s a bit smaller, quieter, and less touristy than Hikka and Una. With a few cafés, surf shops, and a relaxing vibe, this place seems to attract some very chilled out travelers! 

“Keep calm and curry on”


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