Day 97-Indonesia

Ubud, Bali

[Poolside at Michi Resort]

Ubud is such a gastronomical gem! After breakfast at Kafe, we ventured a little bit outside of town to Michi Retreat, one of the most visually stimulating and eccentric resorts we’ve ever seen. Covered in colorful mosaic tiles, it was designed by a professor with a next level sense of creativity. Think modern day Alice in Wonderland! 

After Michi’s, our day only got better! We finally got an appointment at Star Child for a Balianese massage, followed by dinner at Clear Cafe and 9 courses of dessert at Room 4 Dessert. An exquisite culinary experience by a New York pastry chef. Other than the fact that someone tried to rob us on our way home, it was a perfect day!

“One person’s craziness is another person’s reality” -Tim Burton


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