Day 87-Indonesia


[Enjoying a chai smoothie at Clear Cafe]

One of my main intentions for coming to Ubud on this particular day was to attend a Pranayama breathe workshop facilitated by our friend from Vancouver. Unfortunately, he had to cancel his class last minute. Fortunately, we are in Ubud. Instead, we began our gastronomical tour! We visited a vegan ice cream parlour, a coconut store, raw food restaurants, a local salad bar, health shops, yoga studios, hidden cafés in the fields, up and coming boutiques, and the list goes on. My friend Bianca was able to introduce me to some of the owners and give me the background story on each location. We went to places hidden behind rice fields that you would only find if you knew it was there. With a full belly and a smile from ear to ear, we rode back to Balian just in time for the sunset!

“Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated” -Confucius


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