Day 86-Indonesia


[Intuitive Flow Yoga Studio]

We decided to leave Balian for a few days and head over to Ubud. Driving through the windy roads in traffic and smog on the back of a motorbike for 2 hours was less than ideal, but it was worth it! The last time I was in Ubud, my friends and I stayed on Monkey Forest Lane, went to touristy bars and restaurants on the main street, spent a day at a typical resort spa, ate at Sari Organic, and practiced at Yoga Barn. This time, I went with my friend Bianca, who has many friends and connections there. We stayed at a homestay and she had a list of places to show me, including an extensive array of restaurants frequented by a community of expats. Ubud is a very unique place, a perfect dwelling for those interested in spiritual practices, yoga, a healthy lifestyle, or anyone who is free spirited. It also has a great community for the creative and innovative bunch, with many startups and entrepreneurs roaming about. A must visit for those spending time in Bali!

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why” -Mark Twain


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