Day 83-Indonesia


[Morning read on the verandah]

This morning as soon as I woke up, instead of checking my phone, I read an entire book. It’s called Warrior of the Light by Paul Coelho. I would recommend this book to everyone, of all different ages and different walks of life.

After a 2 hour drive from the airport last night, I arrived at Pondok Pitaya. What a tranquil and beautiful resort! With it’s Balinese decor, rustic cabanas, super chic bedrooms, ponds, verandahs, the beach..what more could you ask for? The perfect place for restoration and solitude. This is where many yogis do their yoga teacher training and surfers come to surf!

I’m so happy to be in this serene and calm environment, away from other backpackers, raging tuk tuks, and people trying to sell you souvenirs. A much needed time away from the chaos!

Let the relaxation begin!

“Occasionally, the warrior sits down, relaxes, and let’s everything that is happening around him continue to happen. He looks at the world as a spectator, he does not try to add to it or take away from it, he merely surrenders unresistingly to the movement of life” -Paulo Coelho


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