Day 82-Malaysia

Vientiane-Kuala Lumpur-Bali

[Veggie soy milk curry laksa]

There comes a time when you realize you need a break. The challenge is to listen to your intuition and surrender yourself. I often find that I try to do too much and end up exhausted, not enjoying the present moment to it’s fullest. This has been happening for the last little bit of my travels. That is why I decided to visit a good friend of mine in Bali, more specifically Balian Beach. She has been teaching yoga there and invited me to stay with her.

It is quite a long journey from Vientiane to Balian Beach. With a long layover in Kuala Lumpur, I have been thinking about Malaysian cuisine all morning! First stop, a vegetarian soy milk curry laksa! Egg tarts, steamed soy milk, black sesame buns, and Malaysian pastries to follow! Who says airport can’t be good?!

“Warriors who spend all their time training lose their spontaneity in battle. Horses that are always jumping fences end up breaking a leg. Bows that are bent all day no longer shoot arrows with the same force.” -Paulo Coelho


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