Day 55-Cambodia

Koh Rong-Sihanoukville (Otres Beach)

[$5 Tents on Koh Rong]

With only 2 hours of sleep, my only priorities were to get back to Sihanoukville, find a place to stay, and get my tourist visa for Vietnam. Normally, these tasks would not require a second thought but since Lunar New Year is a week long holiday here in Asia, the Vietnamese Embassy is closed for the week. On top of that, a music festival got cancelled, which means an additional 7000 tourists are looking for accommodation. Every hostel and guesthouse is FULL! Even those heading to Koh Rong are shit out of luck. The only option is to pay $5 for a tent on the beach. Luckily, the Maltese girls I met also told me about a guesthouse on Otres Beach, a chill beach away from the all the backpacker havoc. Once again, I snagged the last “bed”, which is just an extremely thin mattress on the ground with a mosquito net. When my friend arrived, there was nothing left so the owner let us share for $3 a night. Straight up roughing it!

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”


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