Day 53-Cambodia

Siem Reap-Phnom Penh-Sihanoukville-Koh Rong

[Hotel Night Bus]

After travel 17 hours from Siem Reap to Koh Rong on several different modes of transportation, I had high hopes for this “hippie” island, and must admit I’m a bit disappointed. As it’s become a hit spot over the last few years, backpackers come flocking over from the mainland. More people means more trash, waste, busier, less space, less beach, and backpackers aimlessly walking around looking for a place to stay. I luckily met 2 Maltese girls in Siem Reap who work on the island and pointed me in the direction of the less “touristy” guest houses. As soon as the boat docked, I picked up the pace while other passengers were trying to figure out where to go, and ended up snagging the last room at a guesthouse. This is how I ended up meeting a super cool chick from Paris and a group of Argentinians. It’s all about the people! Definitely making up for my lack of enthusiasm for this island.

“The great difference between voyages rests not in ships but the people you meet on them” -Amelia Barr


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