Day 51-Cambodia

Siem Reap

[Touch A Life]

Today I was supposed to be volunteering but instead I spent the day battling a mild case of food poisoning. Surprisingly, I’ve never had food poisoning in my life, but there’s a first for everything!

A friend had connected me to an International humanitarian organization called Touch A Life. In Siem Reap, 3000 meals are served to those in need through the Free Meal Program. By no means am I one of those tourists who will volunteer for a day, take a ton of pictures, and post them on social media as some kind of hero. Nor am I willing to spend time visiting an orphanage due to child trafficking and corruption. So I figured why not help cook a nice meal and serve it to locals who need it, as it’s similar to volunteering at a soup kitchen at home.

If you are ever in Siem Reap and have an extra day or two to help out, check out their website

“The more you see, the less you know”


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