Day 36-Thank You Thip

Koh Lanta

[Thip and I]

Meet Thip, the owner of Thip House. This is where I’ve been staying since it is in the same building as the medical clinic. She has been taking care of me, cooking me meals, delivering it to my room, checking up on me, and overall making sure I’m okay. As I was leaving Koh Lanta today, she looked very sad and asked if I was going to be okay on my own. As I’ve heard this question many times before from my mom and the motherly figures in my life, I assured her I will be just fine. She told me we are like family, I’m like a daughter to her. It’s amazing how halfway around the world, there are still special individuals who treat you like family and care for you as if you were their own. So blessed.

“Strangers are just family you have yet to come to know” -Mitch Albom


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